The rear associated with Hellebores

I was clambering around the border this weekend trying to take photographs of Hellebore flowers.  As is repeatedly bemoaned in garden magazines and blogs it is considered that the biggest fault with Hellebores is that the flowers droop down and so it is difficult to see the inside of the flowers.  However, it occurred to me when looking closely at the flowers that maybe in our pursuit to see inside the flowers we are overlooking something – the back of the flowers. We are so used to florists, artists, photographers and indeed the plants themselves presenting flowers to us so we can see the intricacy of the carpel and the colouring which is intended to attract insects but what about the rest of the flower?

I think these photos  show that the back of the flowers are incredibly beautiful as well.  I love the detail of the veining and the way the centre of the flower has a green tinge.  I also like the droopy nature of the flowers and the way that the flower buds are so much darker than the open flowers.

All these photos are of the same plant and they show how the colour develops and lightens as the flower matures.

So maybe instead of fixating on the ‘front’ of our flowers we should consider look at them from other angles.


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