A sparkly treat lurking in the border

One of the joys of tidying up the garden last weekend was rediscovering various gems that I hadn’t actually forgotten about but which had slipped my memory.  A real gem at the moment is my Helleborus Argustifolius ‘Janet Starnes’. The pretty variegated leaves really stand out at the moment amongst all the leaf litter and general brownness, to me they look like they have been splatterd with glitter.

I bought the Hellebore from Ashwood Nurseries, whose owner John Massey is well known for his Hellebore breeding programme.  I was sold on the varigated foilage despite not really being a fan of this type of thing.  I think it was a combination of the jagged edge to the leaves and the flecks of a creamy white that caught my eye – such an unusual combination.

Sadly the flowers do not live up to the leaves by a long way.  In fact I have been trying to remember them!  My memory tells me that they are a disappointing faded green, nothing special at all which is such a pity.  However, the new growth in the Spring is very attractive, a dark peony like shoot.

I am hopeful that this Hellebore may cross with some of my others and I may end up with something interesting. I already have one or two varigated leaved seedlings which I am keeping a very close eye on!


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