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Growing Traditional Plants Of The Season


Several traditional holiday plants make their appearance in your local retail markets this time of year. If you’re looking for a gift plant or a decorating accent, there are many from which to choose.

Poinsettias are common and form the core of traditional holiday decorating. Others, such as the Christmas cactus, amaryllis and paperwhites are much less common but offer great holiday decorating and gifting ideas.

Poinsettias are the most popular plant of the holiday season. Their bright reds, pinks and whites add holiday cheer. The current trend includes dyed poinsettias, so it is possible to find them in many more unusual colors, sprinkled with glitter and bowed and wrapped for additional holiday pizzazz. Poinsettias are not toxic if ingested; however, their milky sap can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Poinsettias are relatively easy to care for. They should be watered when the top layer of soil begins to dry and never be allowed to sit in water. Poinsettias should also be placed near a sunny window, but away from drafts. The optimal temperature for poinsettias is 65 to 70°F. A temperature any lower than 60°F may cause leaves to drop. You should take great care in bringing your poinsettia home, because even just a short exposure to cold temperatures can cause trouble.

The amaryllis is a popular holiday bulb that should be planted approximately six weeks prior to desired bloom time. Amaryllis prefer to be pot bound, so a container about one inch larger than the bulb on all sides should be selected. Place the bulb on moist soil rich in organic matter, and cover so that the top half to one-third of the bulb is above the soil. Water sparingly when soil is dry to the touch. Keep the plant in a warm room (65-70°F) to encourage an early bloom. Move the blooming plant to a cooler location (55-65°F) to lengthen bloom time. Amaryllis prefer bright, indirect sunlight, away from drafts.

The Christmas cactus has little in common with the cacti of the desert. These plants, native to Central and South America, actually grow more like orchids and should be treated as such. They prefer to be planted in a light and airy soil mix. Water when the top inch of soil in the pot becomes dry. Purchase plants with many buds and a few open blooms, and place in draft-free, indirect bright light.

Paperwhites are a type of narcissus and resemble their relatives, the daffodils. These bulbs need no pre-treatment and can be planted as soon as you bring them home. Place the bulbs close together, nearly touching each other, with their pointed end up. Add more potting soil to hold them in place, leaving the top half of the bulbs uncovered. Water thoroughly and often enough to keep moist. After planting, the pot or dish should be placed in a cool area to allow the roots to develop, and then moved to a warmer area. Paperwhites may become tall and require staking to keep from falling over. Flowers are usually white or white with orange centers and have a strong musky smell. Paperwhite blooms will last from four to eight weeks. They bloom only once, and when done, should be discarded.


The Rose Flower Has Been Synonymous With Love And Romance

rose flower

Gold plating a rose makes this delicate bloom last forever. One of the many benefits of having a gold-plated rose is that despite the thickness, karat purity, or even the colour of the object, the surface of the original rose is never compromised.Everywhere in the world, people have discovered fossils of roses over the years. Findings have proved that this beautiful flower actually existed in pre-historic times. They have been found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians. Plus, petrified rose wreaths have been discovered. These wreaths were used in faith ceremonies due to people having spiritual beliefs associated with this fragrant flower.

The name a rose gift sets are a truly romantic gesture for any couple who are still in that Honeymoon period and want to nurture these flowers alongside their relationship, or for those who have been together for what seems like all of time, where the name a rose gift set is a fitting tribute to the wonderful years you have already spent together and for the many years that you have left.Roses made their way from the East to Europe via the Crusaders. In some circles it’s believed that the early tea roses got their name thanks to the tea clippers responsible for the transportation of the roses from India. Still others believe that the scent of the tea rose actually describes their name.

With more than 30,000 varieties of roses to choose from, gardeners throughout the world chooses the rose flower as their most favorite flower. With this endorsement, it’s no wonder that a gold plated rose is so highly sought after. A rose encased in gold, preserves the delicate petals of the flower and is kept throughout time, which gives the owner the opportunity to enjoy them over & over again.The owner and manager of the shop are in charge of the merchandising, management, and operations area. If you intend to open your own flower shop, it’s ideal that you start with an entry-level position and work your way up to the top so you know all the intricacies of running a flower shop.

Throughout history, the rose flower has been synonymous with love and romance. Cleopatra was thought to have once filled room two-feet deep with rose petals for her beloved Marc Anthony, the Rose was sacred to Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, and of course, it has been a useful metaphor with some of literature’s finest writers including Robert Burns, and that rather talented chap, William Shakespeare. Whilst twelve red roses seems to have a more modern association with Valentine’s day, in fact a single red rose is all that is needed to get the message across and if you’re stuck for ideas on what to get your loved one as a gift this year, then why not present them with a ‘Name a Rose’ gift set? The seeds will be registered with that name and the gift pack will include a personalised certificate and a reference number to confirm the registration.

The Dried Out Maple Leaves

Maple Leaves

The external beauty of the fall merges together with the morning mist and the crispy air to promote a paradisiacal feeling in the heart that is to be treasured. The astounding shades of red and yellow, the crispy breeze wafting off the dried out maple leaves and the echo of the rolling dryness all around, create an awing sensational feel during this autumn. So what else can be more special than the special occasion of wedding – celebration of love, in the midst of such specialty of the nature? These rare components of the nature have all been synchronized in various permutations and combinations to create some unique assortment of the fall wedding favors.

The luxurious autumn theme napkins, displaying the wafted leaves with a couple pears or a pair of apples or two bunches of purple grapes not only add a few extra details to the decoration of the dinning table but also acts as a special element, worth memorable. Chocolates are all time favorites for everyone and may also be wondrous wedding fall favors. A couple of chocolates, artistically sculpted into the maple or mulberry leaves, placed on a real dried maple leaf deliver a definite dimension to the ending note of the fall wedding party. The fall wedding favors sometimes prove to be somewhat more expensive as compared to the other categories of wedding favors but a perfect matching with the specific notes of the season and environmental tunes will definitely cast a long lasting effect in the mind of the special friends in the special moment.

You don’t have any fixed weight or size in gold coins. Depending on your budget, you can choose from the lowest possible size and it was measured in ounces earlier. The size of the coin varies with the weight which is now measured in grams. The purity of the gold can be judged by the quantity of copper added to it. Standard gold coins are of good purity whereas ornamental gold needs to be mixed with metals for giving rigidity and durability. Overnight the value of gold can change considerably and ultimately you can reap high returns on investing in gold coins.

Now, you can buy gold coins worth and thus anyone can buy gold easily. The value of gold coins which were minted prior to 1930 is very high and it would fetch you more than the real metallic value. Now many people have started collecting gold coins of olden days and hence the availability of these coins has reduced. The net result is they have been classified as rare coins and the value of such coins are set as per the demand and supply positions. You can also get help from the professional advisor for finding the value of coins. Further, you have newspapers and websites which predict the value of old gold coins.

Investing in gold will always yield better returns when compared with other forms of investment. There are several ways to buy gold such as gold coins, bar gold and gold jewelry. Some people are fond of coin collection and they research every corner to find the right gold bullion dealer. The Canadian maple leaf coin is well known for its 100% purity since 1979. The American eagle coin is one of the finest standards of gold coin minted by the United States Mint. It is highly popular all over the world and the symbol of eagle is used as the basic unit in all the coins minted. Owing to the highest purity of gold, the American Mint is recognized to produce 80% of the total physical gold market of the country. Eagle coins are available in various quantities and sizes.

Honeysuckle Is A Favorite Garden Flower Throughout The United States


The name honeysuckle is sometimes given to the columbine and to several species of azalea. It should correctly be given only to the members of the honeysuckle family. This is a group of more than 150 species of sturdy shrubs and climbing plants which grow wild or in gardens throughout the Northern Hemisphere. All the species have dark rounded leaves and funnel shaped, often sweet-scented, flowers, which are followed by brilliant crimson or orange berries. In North America there are some 25 species, including the evergreen trumpet honeysuckle, which bears flowers that are scarlet outside and orange inside. Most cultivated honeysuckles, however, have been introduced from other countries. They may spread from cultivated gardens to the fields and woods. Among these are the Tartarian honeysuckle, a large Asiatic shrub which bears its rosy-white flowers in early spring; the honeysuckle has funnel-shaped, sweet scented flowers.

European woodbine honeysuckle, the flowers of which are yellowish white inside and red or purple without; the Japanese honeysuckle, which opens its flowers in the evening; and the bushy fly honeysuckle, the branches of which are used in Europe, its native home, as pipe-stems and walking sticks.Hollyhock is a favorite garden flower throughout the United States and many other countries. It is native to China, but has been grown in other places for hundreds of years. The hollyhock belongs to the Mallow family. Among its relatives are marshmallow, cotton, and okra.

The stately flowering stalks grow from five to nine feet tall. The large showy flowers are three or more inches across. They are white or shades of maroon, red, pink, yellow, or salmon. They may be single or double, with plain or frilled petals. The flowers bloom from June to late summer and last three or four days. When the fruit is ripe, it breaks into many parts, each with one seed. Hollyhocks are mainly biennials. They are grown from seed usually planted in July or early August for bloom the next year. There is an annual hollyhock that blooms during its first summer if it is started early indoors. Some hollyhocks are short-lived perennials.

Hollyhocks need rich, well-drained soil, and grow best in sunny places. They often grow from self sown seeds, but flowers from such plants may be a different color from those of the parent.

Tips For Growing Healthy Vegetables

Looking to learn how to plant vegetables the right way? Planting a vegetable garden does not require as much work as you may think. The most important component in growing and sustaining a healthy vegetable garden is thorough planning and set up. Let’s look at how to plant vegetables that will produce food everyday for you and your family.

How To Plant Vegetables – Tips

1. Location Of Your Plot

Look for an area that will receive plenty of morning sun but also has a bit of protection from the elements such as wind. Try and stay away from trees, the reason is that their roots can take away nutrients from your vegetables and effect the health of your vegetable garden. Learning how to plant vegetables that will provide food year round is not hard with the right planning.

2. Preparation

Make sure your plot is clear of any weeds and other pests. Dig your soil over and dig to a depth of about a foot. Turn your soil over and clear any waste you find.Having the right soil structure is very important, if your soils pH levels are screwy your vegetables will not be provided enough nutrients. If your levels are off you can purchase some garden lime and aim to hit a pH of 6.5 (ideal).Wait 4-5 weeks before you considering planting any vegetables.

3. What Vegetables To Plant

Your aim here should be planting vegetables that are suitable for your climate. With seasonal changes you should have an idea of what you can plant to ensure that your vegetables that you can rotate easily. You should aim to rotate vegetables that will allow you to have food that you can harvest every single day of the year.

4. Maintenance & How to Plant Vegetables

Most vegetables that you are thinking of planting can be purchased as seedling. You should look to plant your vegetables to run north/sun. The reason for this that it will allow your vegetables to receive more sunlight while limiting the amount of shade.A healthy vegetable garden requires plenty of water but allow for sufficient drainage for run off and to avoid your garden getting waterlogged.Look to purchase some organic fertilizers that will provide many chemical free nutrients for your vegetable garden. Garden compost, manure and blood and bones are a prefect choice. Learning how to plant vegetables can provide so many joys, it’s a wonderful past time.

Plant Can Benefit You

Although you can go to your doctor and get a prescription for just about any health issue known to man, medications have their drawbacks. More and more people today are looking for more natural (and safer) ways to improve their health. As Hippocrates once said, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. This is as true today as it was back then. One of the best ways to improve your health is by improving your diet. But even if you think you’re eating well you may be missing out on some less-known but vital nutrients, such as plant sterols. Read on to learn more about plant sterols and how they can benefit your health by helping to lower your cholesterol. What are plant sterols? Plant sterols, also known as phytosterols, come from plants. These naturally-occurring substances are the plant’s cholesterol. Just as humans have cholesterol, so do plants. Both human and plant cholesterol is critically important in maintaining a healthy state. However, when cholesterol levels begin to exceed normal levels, they turn from good to bad in which high levels of LDL cholesterol can begin to harm the body by increasing the chances of heart disease.

If you were to look at plant sterols under a microscope, they look very similar to human cholesterol. They are found in fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, seeds, and most types of grain. Because of their many health benefits, several manufacturers are now adding them to healthy snacks and heart healthy foods. These include foods such as healthy chips made from whole grains, orange juice and margarine. How do Plant Sterols Work in the Body? Plant sterols and stanols have a structure similar to cholesterol. They compete with cholesterol for access to receptors in the small intestines known as micelles. Micelles help transport cholesterol through the intestine into your blood stream. Imagine 15 people all hoping to get a ride in their friend’s Volkswagen Beetle – not everyone is going to be riding in the car. The same thing happens when plant sterols are introduced into the small intestine along with cholesterol.

Only so many can hop a ride on the micelle and those left behind are exited from the body. Over 140 clinical studies have been conducted and have shown that sterols and stanols reduce LDL cholesterol levels by between 5 and 14 percent. While there are more and more heart healthy snacks and heart healthy foods available today, those which have plant sterols (meeting specific FDA criteria) can sport a statement on the package indicating they may help lower the chances of heart disease. Health Benefits of Plant Sterols Nearly a quarter of a century of research has shown us that plant sterols may benefit your health in a multitude of ways. In addition to lowering cholesterol, some studies suggest that they may also:

* Help reduce inflammation

* Reverse immune system abnormalities

* Benefit the health of cells

* Assist in balancing various hormones

* Decrease the body’s auto-immune responses

* Help with chronic fatigue syndrome

* Help reduce symptoms associated with menopause

* Reduce symptoms associated with an enlarged prostrate

* Inhibit the growth of certain types of cancer

* Benefit conditions such as asthma, gallstones, and migraines How much plant sterols are needed? If lowering cholesterol is your goal, experts recommend that to get the maximum benefits you should consume between 1.5 to 3 grams of plant sterols per day. To begin to see any benefits you need to consume a minimum of 0.8 grams per day. Most Americans get approximately 0.25 grams per day of plant sterols from the foods they consume today. While it may be difficult to get this amount naturally from heart healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, it is very achievable if you add foods fortified with plant sterols such as specific chips, breads, and margarines. What foods should I eat? The following list contains several healthy foods which may have plant sterols added (check the label to ensure it reads: “contains plant sterols”): * Spreadable margarines * Salad dressings

Send Romantic Flowers To Your Girlfriend Or Your Wife On Her Birthday Or On Your Anniversary

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