The Rose Flower Has Been Synonymous With Love And Romance

rose flower

Gold plating a rose makes this delicate bloom last forever. One of the many benefits of having a gold-plated rose is that despite the thickness, karat purity, or even the colour of the object, the surface of the original rose is never compromised.Everywhere in the world, people have discovered fossils of roses over the years. Findings have proved that this beautiful flower actually existed in pre-historic times. They have been found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians. Plus, petrified rose wreaths have been discovered. These wreaths were used in faith ceremonies due to people having spiritual beliefs associated with this fragrant flower.

The name a rose gift sets are a truly romantic gesture for any couple who are still in that Honeymoon period and want to nurture these flowers alongside their relationship, or for those who have been together for what seems like all of time, where the name a rose gift set is a fitting tribute to the wonderful years you have already spent together and for the many years that you have left.Roses made their way from the East to Europe via the Crusaders. In some circles it’s believed that the early tea roses got their name thanks to the tea clippers responsible for the transportation of the roses from India. Still others believe that the scent of the tea rose actually describes their name.

With more than 30,000 varieties of roses to choose from, gardeners throughout the world chooses the rose flower as their most favorite flower. With this endorsement, it’s no wonder that a gold plated rose is so highly sought after. A rose encased in gold, preserves the delicate petals of the flower and is kept throughout time, which gives the owner the opportunity to enjoy them over & over again.The owner and manager of the shop are in charge of the merchandising, management, and operations area. If you intend to open your own flower shop, it’s ideal that you start with an entry-level position and work your way up to the top so you know all the intricacies of running a flower shop.

Throughout history, the rose flower has been synonymous with love and romance. Cleopatra was thought to have once filled room two-feet deep with rose petals for her beloved Marc Anthony, the Rose was sacred to Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, and of course, it has been a useful metaphor with some of literature’s finest writers including Robert Burns, and that rather talented chap, William Shakespeare. Whilst twelve red roses seems to have a more modern association with Valentine’s day, in fact a single red rose is all that is needed to get the message across and if you’re stuck for ideas on what to get your loved one as a gift this year, then why not present them with a ‘Name a Rose’ gift set? The seeds will be registered with that name and the gift pack will include a personalised certificate and a reference number to confirm the registration.


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