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Peacock Habitat and Behavior

This article displays some of the handy Peacock facts for kids that are not presented frequently. Basically there are two species of flying birds that belongs to the pheasant family and is known as peafowl. The male is identified as a peacock whereas females are called peahen; juveniles (chicks) are recognized as peachicks. Peacock is the national bird of India. More than three thousand years ago, Phoenicians brought several species to Egypt and used for several purposes including decorating.

PeacockThe peacock is well-known for its brightly colored feathers, but did you know that the peacock is actually a male peafowl? The Female peafowl does not have the extravagant large feathers that the male peafowl (peacock) has. Females measure around 34 inches long and weigh around 7.4 lbs. The male, with the feathers being high in the air, measure 7.4 feet and weigh around 11 lbs. Peacocks are considered to be loyal and faithful to their partners. In Mythology, the peacock has been said to die of grief if it loses its mate. During Mating Season, the peacock will grab the females attention by raising his long beautiful tail feathers into the air and shaking them. They both have an average life span of twenty years in the wild. They are peaceful animals that prefer to live in large, open spaces but without any kind of commotion.

Peacock Behavioral Facts

These birds present a strange behavior in that they build nests on the ground and perch on the trees.

These birds are aggressive and do not accept any uninvited creature or even other peafowl in his territory. However, the chicks tend to cross the territorial jurisdiction generally. These crossing juveniles must belong to those parents for which they transverse the territory, otherwise adults would not greet them.

Peacocks are highly sociable birds and they are very fond of interacting with humans by showing magnanimity toward them.

These birds travel in colonies of 8 – 10 peacocks.

While the mating season arrives, the peacocks produce a loud sound.