Tips for your historical home renovation

Photo: Opal Enterprises

Owning a home with historical value can be more rewarding than investing in new construction, but you may have your work cut out for you if the home has not had regular upgrades throughout the years. As you begin planning renovations to improve the exterior of your older home, keep the following tips in mind for great final results.
Think about resale value

When you think of areas to renovate, you should remember what drew you to the house in the first place. Historic homes tend to do well in the market, because they have their own unique charm capturing an era in the past. Therefore, your goal should be to retain your home’s historical feel while adding modern amenities and energy-efficient features. Not every contractor is capable of performing the specialized work.
Preserve key features and construction

Even in historical home renovations where the electrical and plumbing work must be completely gutted, it is possible to retain the basic construction and features of the house. Areas of natural wood or original molding should ideally not be painted or removed if they can be restored. It is possible to match historical looks with new materials for windows and doors that will optimize the functionality of the home while preserving the aesthetics of the exterior. There are window manufactures that specialize in architectural integrity of days past, Anderson windows for example has an entire line of windows dedicated to architectural excellence.
Know what is necessary

Before you start thinking about the look of your home, you will need to consider the renovations that are necessary to bring your home up to current building codes. Working with a trustworthy contractor will let you effectively plan your renovation with your style and practical needs in mind. Working with a contractor that has experience with historical community guideline, aides you the homeowner in the process.

Opal Enterprises has renovated historical homes throughout the western suburbs, specializing in constructions from the late 1800s and early 1900s. You can begin your renovation project with Opal Enterprises by visiting them online or calling 630-355-6557.


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