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Roses in the colors of the national flag are hugely popular right now

Roses with your National colors

Thanks to the World Cup in Brazil, roses sprayed in the colors of the national flag are hugely popular right now. “They’re shipped all over the world at the moment,”  says Marc Sassen from VIPRoses.

“We offer the Brazilian flag in green and yellow with a nice blue heart. The red, yellow and black for Belgium and Germany are doing very well and our own red-white-blue and orange truly pops. For florists this is a commercially interesting way to zero in on current events and still be able to offer something really special.

These are Avalanche+ roses, after all. Large flower head that always opens. Long stems with surprisingly few thorns. And an utterly glamorous personality.”

Roses in Brasilian flag colors

Country Flag Roses by VIP Roses

Dutch flag roses
Dutch flag roses

It’s a cheerful innovation: high quality roses with bling, airbrushed in national colors

Of course our own red-white-blue roses truly pop.

How to make Flag coloured roses

It’s a cheerful innovation: high quality roses with bling, airbrushed in national colors, or with a topping of satin, velvet or chocolate, by the rose artists Marc Sassen from Viproses.

It had taken years to perfectionate the painting technicque and develop new variations. Especially to do it well were it looks perfect but also maintains good vaselife.

VIProses is known for its fantastic flowers and extensive experience in growing Avalanche+ roses as spray roses and grow special exclusive roses like Ave Maria and Houdine.


Country flag roses in different colours

Roses with Toppings

VIPRoses uses Dutch top roses of unprecedented quality, it’s excellent material for a new innovation of the rose artists: a special way of airbrushing that brings an extra festive touch to the roses.

It is not just simply painting roses blue “It’s great to be able to offer something original,”  says Marc Sasses of VIProses. “Roses with blue or pink sprinkles to celebrate a birth, glow-in-the-dark roses for a party or roses in the exact color scheme of a wedding – we can make it happen.”

“It is like walking into a icecream store and beeing able to choose all your favourite toppings but than on top of a rose”.



Is there nothing too mad for the Rose Artists?

“Not really,” says Sassen. “We can create roses with a satin finish, and also black and gold roses. A velvet topping is possible, just like a wax coating, pearls, glitter and even chocolate. The airbrush treatment has no negative effect whatsoever on the vase life of the roses. Under normal circumstances, they remain beautiful for up to fourteen days, just like all roses of this quality. The technique is great to create flowers for special occasions and offers the unique opportunity to really match your florals with the rest of the styling. And it’s a fantastic product with a happy vibe – try to look at these roses and not smile.”

VIP roses is all ready for delivering flag colored roses… with a small preference for the dutch once
VIP roses is all ready for delivering flag colored roses… with a small preference for the dutch once
Our beautiful roses are available through all Dutch flower exporters.
We do not export themselves, ask your supplier for Viproses. Wholesalers that are supplied by Dutch exporters sell our roses.

> Florists, ask your dealer for Vip roses.

> Wholesalers, ask your transport agents for Vip roses.

> Exporters can order our roses at Hoven en de Mooij.


Send Romantic Flowers To Your Girlfriend Or Your Wife On Her Birthday Or On Your Anniversary

If you are having trouble finding the right gift to give to your girlfriend or wife for her birthday or your anniversary, then do not worry because you are not alone. Many guys have a hard time looking for the best gift that can show their love and appreciation. Believe it or not, the best gift you can give them is a bouquet of romantic flowers, and all your worries are solved. So get a lovely life romantic with flowers. You can Send Romantic Flowers to your girlfriend or your wife on her birthday or on your anniversary. Every romantic flower has a meaning. You can choose your romantic flowers depending on the type of message you want to communicate. If you want to make a bold declaration of your love then you can gift your beloved with a bunch of red tulips. If you want to give romantic complements then pink carnations are perfect for you. Lilacs express innocent love and baby’s breath stand for eternal love. So gift your wife or girlfriend makes her happy.

Send Romantic Flowers is home to the best flowers romantic you can find on the market. Romantic pink and orange flowers are easy to find and have never been more beautiful. Send Romantic Flowers is because they only get their flowers from the best flower farms in the country. They also have a team of well-experienced florists that can position these previously beautiful flowers and obstruct romantic into something more profligate. Also, the most romantic flowers besides roses are ever-changing, depending on who you ask, and can really be any flower that she favors! It’s all in the presentation of the flowers that counts! You can also send flowers when your love is angry with you. So send her and make her happy.

You will not have to be anxious about the state in which your romantic flowers by post will arrive. They only employ the best means for your romantic flowers delivered. Transported via sealed air-conditioned units, these romantic breakfast hampers are kept fresh and beautiful before arriving at your doorstep. They are also immersed in a stem bath to keep them from drying up. Send thank you flowers delivery will arrive at your house as fresh and beautiful as possible. With serenata Flowers, romantic flowers for your loved one are easily accessible. You certainly will not find any flower arrangements as beautiful as these are. With these romantic gift same day delivery, your loved one will surely fall in love with you all over again and beg you to Send Romantic Flowers cheap every month

A sparkly treat lurking in the border

One of the joys of tidying up the garden last weekend was rediscovering various gems that I hadn’t actually forgotten about but which had slipped my memory.  A real gem at the moment is my Helleborus Argustifolius ‘Janet Starnes’. The pretty variegated leaves really stand out at the moment amongst all the leaf litter and general brownness, to me they look like they have been splatterd with glitter.

I bought the Hellebore from Ashwood Nurseries, whose owner John Massey is well known for his Hellebore breeding programme.  I was sold on the varigated foilage despite not really being a fan of this type of thing.  I think it was a combination of the jagged edge to the leaves and the flecks of a creamy white that caught my eye – such an unusual combination.

Sadly the flowers do not live up to the leaves by a long way.  In fact I have been trying to remember them!  My memory tells me that they are a disappointing faded green, nothing special at all which is such a pity.  However, the new growth in the Spring is very attractive, a dark peony like shoot.

I am hopeful that this Hellebore may cross with some of my others and I may end up with something interesting. I already have one or two varigated leaved seedlings which I am keeping a very close eye on!

Rose flowers

Pink Roses, Purple Roses, Yellow Roses, White Roses

No other flower is a recognizable as the rose. No other flower conveys love and passion like the rose either. Most roses have five petals and are native to Asia, with smaller numbers of species native to Europe, North America, and Northwest Africa. Roses are the most popular and commonly sold florist’ flowers and they are also great value to the perfume industry. The aggregate fruit of the rose is a berry-like structure called a rose hip. Rose hips of some species are very rich in vitamin C, among the richest sources of any plant. A bouquet of red roses is often used to show love. It is used as a Valentine’s Day gift in many countries.

Roses are perennial flowering vines and shrubs of the genus rosa and family Rosaceae. Their complete scientific classification include kingdom Plantae, class Magnoliopsida, division Magnoliophyta, family Rosaceae, subfamily Rosoideae, order Rosales and genus Rosa.

The Parts of a Rose Flower

The better a flower smells, it will be smaller in size and lighter the color. The sweet odor of these flowers is due to the chemical 2-phenyl ethanol or also called beta-phenyl ethyl alcohol.

Roses have an edible fruit called rose hips and the fruit is believed to have healing properties.

Petals of rose are naturally modified leaves that are given extra nutrients in order to take on different fragrance and colors. They are designed this way to attract birds and bees for pollination. While no black roses yet exist, there are some of such a deep dark red color as to suggest black.

The rose flower has several stigmas within its bloom (unlike many flowers). The stigma is attached to the tube-like formation called style (rose contains several styles) and it is used to provide the path for pollen to travel to its many ovaries that are located within the rose hips.

Ovules are growths that are small and hair-like, which are found within the ovary of the flower. They are responsible for egg production in rose pollination.

Roses have amazing scents and astonishing beauty. Some varieties have vigorous growth and will sprint up a tree, using it as a frame. There are roses that are very small, called Patio Roses or Tea Cup and those that grow very large.

Origin and History of Rose

Roses originate from China and are cultivate now from America to Africa and from Eastern Europe to Far East. Historically, the oldest fossils of rose have been found in Colorado (more than 35 million years old). In 551 BC – 479 BC, Confucius reported that the Imperial Chinese library had many books on roses. Roses were mentioned in a cuneiform tablet (a system of writing) written in about 2860 BC in ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia (in the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley). In the 15th Century, the English were already cultivating and hybridizing roses when the English War of Roses took place. Tudor Henry VII, the winner of the war, created the Tudor Rose (the Rose of England) by crossbreeding other roses.

In 1996, Americans bought more than 1.2 billion fresh cut roses and that is equal to 4.67 roses for every woman, man and child nationwide. 70,000 roses went into the making of the largest flower bouquet in the world. The 23.4 metre arrangement was the work of Ashrita Furman.

The Netherlands is the world’s leading exporter of roses, with about 8000 hectares of land under rose cultivation. Zambia, a small nation, had 80% of its cultivated land under roses. About 5000 hectares or 54% of the cultivated land in Ecuador is under rose cultivation.

Today, almost all cut roses sold by florists are the hybrid tea variety, while garden roses come in a staggering array of types.

Types of Roses

Roses are divided broadly into 3 classes:

Species Roses, or also oftenly called as Wild Species Roses. They often have 5-petaled flowers and colorful hips that last well into the winter, prroviding food for birds and winter color. Wild Species Roses usually bloom once in the summer. Species roses are widely hybridized. Rosa rugosa is the most popular rose species for sale today owing to its superior hardiness, easy maintenance and disease resistance. Wild Species Roses include many different varieties.

Old Garden Roses have a wonderful perfume and delicate beauty, not often found in modern hybrid tea roses. They are a diverse group from those with wonderful fragrance and great winter hardiness to the lovely and tender tea roses, which are best suited for warm climates. Old Garden Roses comprise a mulltifaceted group that in general are disease resistant, easy to grow and winter-hardy. They grow in several shrub and vine sizes. Normally this class of roses are white or pastel in color (although colors do vary). These “antique roses” are generally preferred for home gardens and lawns. Several groupings of roses classified as Old Garden Roses are tea roses, China roses, moss roses, bourbon roses, damask roses, etc.

This group of roses are very popular. Old Garden Roses are the predecessors of modern roses. The modern roses is the result of crossbreeding the polyanthus (a variety of primrose) with the hybrid tea. Their colors are varied, rich and vibrant. Some of the most popular roses found in the class of modern roses are the floribunda roses, grandiflora roses and hybrid tea roses. Although they are adored by gardeners and florists, the modern roses do not adapt well to colder environments and do require proper care. Any rose identified after 1867 is considered a modern

Valentine Flowers

Valentine’s day is celebrated on the 14th of February each year and it is one of the most special days on the calender. Even though you can never put a date on love, Saint Valentine’s day is traditionally the day officially designated to love. Lovers across the globe share their feelings for each other and express their love in many ways. One of the most popular way in which lovers show their love for each other is by giving each other valentines flowers. The beauty of these flowers enhances the beautiful spirit of Valentine’s day. The act of giving someone flower shows how much we care and love that person. Pretty Valentine flowers can be given to our lovers, wifes, girlfriends and even friends. Its is usually common tradition to present flowers to women more than men. Blossoming Valentine flowers have always been an integral part of Valentine’s day and will always be so. It is one of the best and most essential Valentine’s day gift. It can be a complete gift on its own or a great accompaniment with other Valentine’s day presents.

Love and Romance Flowers

The most popular Love and Romance flowers are roses, these flowers are the traditional symbol of love. Red roses are the best choice for Valentine flowers as they express a lovers deepest desires of love and passion. The deep crimson of the roses acts as a reflection of the depth of the person’s feelings. Apart from red roses all colors of roses are a great choice for Valentine flowers. Giving your loved one a white or a yellow rose is a symbol of your love and friendship. Some of the other great Valentine flowers are carnations, tulips, lilies, daisies, asters, African daisies and forget-me-nots.

Romantic Flowers

Henry Ward Beecher has very aptly said- flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men and animals. Some seem to smile; some have a sad expression; some are pensive and diffident; others again are plain, honest and upright, like the broad-faced sunflower and the hollyhock. Flowers express emotions most eloquently. This is the reason why romantic flowers are an important part of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Romance and flowers are synonymous. They are the most innocent expressions of heart felt passions and feelings. Flowers have their own language. In fact nothing can express your feelings to your beloved better than romantic flowers. Keeping this in mind the French had written a dictionary called the ‘Language of Flowers’.

Every romantic flower has a meaning. You can choose your romantic flowers depending on the type of message you want to communicate. If you want to make a bold declaration of your love then you can gift your beloved with a bunch of red tulips. If you want to give romantic complements then pink carnations are perfect for you. Lilacs express innocent love and baby’s breath stand for eternal love.

Red and pink roses are the most popular romantic flowers. However some of the other common romantic flowers are:

  •   Carnations
  •   Lilac
  •   Sunflowers
  •   Lilies
  •   Daisies
  •   Tulips
  •   Gardenias
  •   Calla lilies
  •   Gerbera daisies
  •   Orchids

Wild flowers are interesting romantic flowers and tend to express your feelings with simplicity and innocence. Romantic flowers can be assembled into beautiful flower arrangements and Valentine’s Day flower bouquet. Romantic flowers are very popular Valentine’s Day gifts. You can team a bunch of beautiful romantic flowers with a box of rich chocolates. Your dear one will be impressed. A Valentine’s Day greeting card and a bunch of fresh yellow roses are ideal for a romantic Valentine’s Day together. You can mix different kinds of romantic flowers to create an array of effects. There are many more interesting articles on Valentine’s Day in which are sure to catch your interest.

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