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Why roses are the most famous flower?

President Barack Obama took the unusual step of holding a formal event in the White House Rose Garden this week to announce three nominees to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. Roses are by far the most culturally significant flower in the West. Shakespeare wrote about the sweet smell of roses; we dream of sleeping in beds of roses; and we stop to smell the roses. Why are roses so much more famous than other flowers?

Because of their symbolic versatility. Roses have been so celebrated for so long — the Minoans grew and painted roses in the Bronze Age — that it’s difficult to pinpoint the source of their popularity. One possible explanation is that roses represent all things to all people. They represent virginity, and particularly the Virgin Mary. Medieval brides and grooms wore crowns of roses to represent their purity. In England, roses were laid on the graves of virgins. But roses also represent passion and romance: Lovers exchange roses as a prelude to intimacy. Roses symbolize suffering: Christian iconography uses the red rose as a symbol of Jesus Christ’s bodily suffering, as well as the blood of other saints such as Alban. Yet roses also symbolize the peace that awaits people in the next world. Old Christian texts describe paradise as strewn with roses.

Our ability to attribute so many meanings to a simple flower may come down to simple aesthetics. Writers from Sappho to Michael Pollan have waxed lyrical over the delicate blossoms. English writer Sarah Coles, commenting on the rose in a Renaissance painting, noted, “The symmetry of the rose’s circular pattern, enclosed yet expanding from the central boss through the ray of stamens to overlapping petals which reach outwards in waves which could embrace infinity, is a microcosm of the universe.”

Roses do not feature in the Bible, even though wild roses did grow in the ancient Near East. The few mentions of roses in the King James Bible, such as “the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose,” are probably mistranslations. (Some newer translations replace “rose” with the less poetic but more accurate “crocus.”) Early Christians did not favor the use of flowers, incense and statues in rituals. It wasn’t until half a century after Christ’s death that flowers came back into Western religious practice. At that time, there were competitors to the rose. In early medieval writings, lilies are mentioned almost as often as roses. It’s not clear why the popularity of the lily took a backseat to the surging rose.

Some cultures have myths explaining exactly how the rose earned its place at the top. According to a Persian poem, the lotus was the original queen of flowers, but it made the mistake of sleeping during the night. When the other flowers complained to Allah, he named the white rose queen. A Hindu legend has it that Vishnu had to convince Brahma of the rose’s superiority to the lotus. As a reward for changing his mind, Brahma created a bride for Vishnu out of hundreds of rose petals.

The rose’s rise to prominence at the White House isn’t quite so symbolically rich. During the 19th century, the building had a glass conservatory in which gardeners grew many different kinds of flowers, as well as fruit. (On the morning of his assassination, Abraham Lincoln picked lemons from the conservatory to give to visitors, but he confessed to having little interest in flowers.) When the conservatory was removed in 1902, Edith Roosevelt had a garden constructed. Amateur landscape architect Ellen Axson Wilson, wife of Woodrow Wilson, had the colonial garden converted to a dedicated rose garden in 1913.


Sending Get Well Flowers

All of us are selfish and think about others only in times of distress. Sickness is a kind of distress and we think about others only around this time because when we are sick we are weak and we cannot do most of the things which we normally do and thus we have to seek others help for this purpose. In such cases, the love of a special one of our life can be truly reflected through the get well flowers. You can send these flowers to any hospital as well since there are no restrictions imposed by hospitals for sending get well flowers.
Suppose your friend is in hospital and has just undergone an operation. But, due to some reasons you cannot visit him and because of this reason you can send your love through a bunch of get well flowers which are the best suited for your loved one and you can certainly make their day and can offer them love and support through your flowers. When you are in bed, all day you are bored and thus get well flowers certainly offers you unlimited joy and happiness and someone dear does remember you and loves you for who you are and is wishing all the best for you in a very sensitive way.
If anyone who you know is sick, do not forget to send them get well flowers as they are sure to cheer them up and make them happy that they are definitely going to get well and fast.From the origin of a flower’s name to its distinctive characteristics and rich mythology, flowers are infused with symbolism and meaning. Our Flower Meaning Guide is designed to unravel these hidden mysteries, uncover these floral gems and open you up to a whole new language – the language of flowers.
Dictionaries were written to explain this language to all, and were especially used by “lovers.” One could learn that “ROSES” symbolized love, in general, but each variety and color had each, his own meaning. The “LILY,” generally symbolized beauty, but it also has many varieties, thus many diversified meanings. Consider the quandary that could have developed if lover’s used two “different” dictionaries— with each possibly having its own connotation. There could, potentially, be some real misunderstandings! So, we see the importance of acquiring accurate information in this regard.
Today, one may find it difficult to express his true feelings. One may wonder, “How do I say I love you?” or “I want to be your friend” or “You are special.” If one is gifted in such a way, he could compose a song, or write a poem. Or, he could do something much easier and more significant… he could give flowers!

Housewarming Gifts that are sure to please

Getting off on the right foot with your new neighbors can end up being beneficial to you for years to come. After all, where else are you going to go for a cup of sugar? The welcome gift is a time-honored tradition – a great way to demonstrate friendliness and show how eager you are to get to know those in your neighborhood. Deciding what to bring can be a bit harrowing, however. If you’re not sure what would make the best welcome gift, here are a few stand-bys that are sure to please even the most discerning recipients.

If your neighbors have just moved in, they may be somewhat light on household amenities. An empty house can seem daunting and unwelcoming, so why not help them spruce up their décor? A delightful bouquet of flowers is the perfect gift for this occasion. You can choose pretty much any bloom you like, but make sure it’s colorful – that it bursts out of the vase. Roses are a great option. They come in a wide variety of hues and are sure to be well-received. You could also opt for something a bit more modest, like lilies or irises.

If you’d like to bring something to make a more lasting impression, you can’t go wrong with potted plants. They’ll endure for years, adding a unique visual flair to a home that your new neighbors will definitely appreciate. A green fern is a great choice, or you could go for something like a zebra plant or even a small indoor herb garden.

As an alternative, although it’s technically a flower, an orchid can last for years and it’s one of the most rewarding plants to harvest and watch grow. This is a good option for those who fancy themselves a bit of a green thumb.

Don’t feel as though you have to limit yourself to flowers. If the occasion calls for it, you can bring over some tasty treats as a way of welcoming your neighbors to the block. Brownie pops are an absolutely delightful and unique treat, and they are sure to go over well. You could also bring over a heaping plateful of brownies or a delicious cake. Whatever you decide, your goodwill certainly won’t go unnoticed. Soon you’ll be well on the way to forging a strong and rewarding friendship with your new neighbors.