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Looking After Your Garden

Lots of people get carried away and buy dozens of garden seeds each time they visit their local garden centre. They then enthusiastically plant half the seeds and leave the rest in the shed not realising that garden seeds need to be looked after. A seed like a plant is a living thing which is simply dormant or in a deep sleep.Luckily, looking after your garden seeds is not difficult it just takes a few minutes and a little bit of organisation.
If possible get yourself a box to store your garden seeds in. Make sure that the box is watertight, but not airtight you need air to circulate through the box to keep your garden seeds in good condition.
Make sure that you put your seed box somewhere that you can easily reach, so that they do not all tip out when you take the box down off a top shelf. Where you keep them needs to be relatively dark and should not be somewhere that gets too hot or too cold. Outside is too cold, in a greenhouse is too hot, but a garden shed is perfect.Just throwing your garden seeds into a big box and leaving them there is often not a good idea. Seeds tend to spill out of the packets, you can never find the seeds you want and you will lose a lot of seeds because they go out of date.
To ensure that your garden seeds never go out of date or lie there until it is too late to plant them filing them by month is a good idea. What that means is that in March when you open up your seed box you will be able to see immediately the packets of garden seeds that need planting that month.