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Rosh Hashanah Flowers for a Holiday

Rosh Hashanah marks the start of the Jewish New Year, and is the first of the High Holidays. It’s a time when families come together to eat, drink and be merry. If you’re hosting a Rosh Hashanah event in your home, you may be wondering what you can do to make it memorable. Aside from serving delicious food and entertaining your guests, you may want to think about sprucing up your home’s décor.

There’s no need for this to become an overly complicated project. With cleverly placed flowers, you’d be amazed at how beautiful your home can look. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few ideas that will soon have your guests in awe.

Orchids are always a great choice and can be used practically anywhere. Feel free to artfully place a few blooms on your dining room table – they’ll add a quiet dignity to the proceedings – or simply have a more lavish arrangement on an unused counter or coffee table. Denobrium orchids work particularly well for this occasion, given their modesty and elegance.

You need not limit yourself, however. A lovely bouquet of lilies can look great. They tend to arrive in bud form, meaning you’ll enjoy rich and full blooms as your family arrives at your house. You’ve got a number of color options available to you, which is good news for anyone who likes to add a bit of flair to their interior décor.

Given that the seasons are changing, why not think about adding an autumnal flavor to the proceedings? Poms are beautiful and are quite evocative of the fall season. Fill a vase with colors like orange and deep red. You can’t fight the changing seasons, so you may as well embrace it where you can!

Alternatively, you may be looking to pick up something to eat for the evening. There are plenty of delightful desserts you can bring with you to help mark the occasion. A vanilla bean cake is bound to go over well, as is a nice bowl of fruit. The fruit bowl is especially nice because it doubles as a visual centerpiece, and what reminds you of autumn more than a dazzling cornucopia?

What’s your family’s tradition for celebrating Rosh Hashanah? Are there any flowers that you associate with the holiday?