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Safe flower choices

Men that are caught up in the beginning stages of a blossoming relationship may have the tendency to go overboard when trying to impress a new flame. Flowers are always a wonderful choice to show how much of an effect she has made on you, but some blooms mean many things to different people. Before you order flowers, be sure to keep a few of these tips in mind to stay cool and casual when you’re trying everything to impress her.

1. Avoid red roses! Red roses are probably the most recognizable representation of unconditional love, so for your purposes in this young relationship, you should avoid them at all costs. That’s not to say that roses aren’t a great way to surprise your new flame, just stick to bright and cheery colors instead. Pink, white and yellow roses (or a mix of colors) are all suitable choices, and they can be combined with many other summer flowers to create a dynamic floral arrangement.

2. Lilies. If there’s one flower that’s sure to brighten her day and tug at her heart strings, it’s the boundless beauty of a bouquet of lilies. These bold and beautiful blooms can be found in many colors and will arrive to your sweetheart budding and ready to reach their peak. In addition to your wonderful flowers, you can also include some chocolate covered strawberries so she can enjoy the best of both worlds.

3. Iris. Purple iris flowers are wonderful gifts for any occasion, and they are the perfect elegant and touching present that are sure to spruce up her abode or office. A great combination to consider is iris and yellow tulips – the color contrast between the two makes for a jaw-dropping display and it will be even more spectacular when placed in a matching purple vase. It’s exactly the kind of gift that you’ll need to wow that new love interest of yours. It’s sure to brighten her day, and it’s not the over-the-top gift that could scare her away.

Finding a new love can be a confusing but exciting time for any young man, but the best course of action is to take it slow and be casual. Flowers can be a wonderful ally to help win that special someone’s attention, but you’ll have to work a little bit before you start sending her red roses!