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How to Get Rid of the Winter Blues with Flowers

Let’s face it, winter is a gloomy, and bitter cold time of year. The grass has now turned into white snow, our beautiful landscaping job from last summer will have to wait another year to be seen, and the color green is very minimal.

Although winter can be a depressing time of year, surrounding yourself with positive things is a great way to void the depression. Just remember that spring is right around the corner, and that flowers will shortly be in bloom. Here are some ways a simple bouquet of flowers can brighten your day, or someone else’s.

Reminder of spring: Winter can seem like it’s never going to end, but it’s important to remind yourself that spring is always just a few months away. Once the birds are chirping, flowers tend to pop up right behind them. In the meantime, it will get you motivated to work on your garden all spring and summer long.

Touch of color: Since winter time is always so grey and white, flowers can really turn your mood around. Scientific studies have shown that having a living plant or vase of flowers can really enhance your mood almost instantly, while connecting you with the outdoors.

Smell: There is something about the smell of flowers that just makes you feel good. Walking into your home after a long day of work to a beautiful bouquet can make for a great air freshener, and a great mood booster.

Therapeutic: There is something therapeutic about a nice vase of flowers. Once again, scientific studies have proven the many benefits of having flowers in your home or in your yard. When someone gives you an arrangement of flowers, it makes you involuntarily smile no matter what. Maybe this is why we always give them as presents and see them in hospitals.

Be creative: No matter what flower it is, every flower is gorgeous and unique. Take time to be creative with them. Create a beautiful arrangement, make your own potpourri, or even use dried up flowers as a nice touch for scrapbooking. Whether the flowers are fresh or dried up, you can always find a nice purpose for them!

When the winter blues get to you, keep a positive attitude and surround yourself with flowers! Between the fresh smell, beautiful colors, and the liveliness of them, you’re guaranteed to brighten your day. Give flowers to brighten someone’s day or even buy some for yourself!

– This is a guest post written by Lauren Dzuris. Lauren runs, MyGetRidOfGuide.com, a website that offers several ways to get rid of anything from abdominal fat to a bad sunburn.