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Woottens – the perfect baby’s room

I have a weakness for parcels and so I have fully embraced the whole on-line shopping revolution. I am now beginning to find more and more nurseries that you can buy from on-line.  At first I was a little dubious as I worried about the quality of the plant, but I have now progressed from bulbs and seeds to plants and so far so good.  I think the key is to buy from a reputable nursery.  My experience to date is that you get a better service than from the big on-line chains which offer bargains but no doubt someone will disagree so as I say this is strictly my experience.

The other week someone I follow on Twitter mentioned Woottens and their wonderful catalogue.  I had to investigate and was entranced by the selection of plants which were available at very reasonable prices.  However, I’m not one for impulse buys and tend to think about purchases for a few days.  In the meantime, I subscribed to Woottens email newsletter service.  Bad idea!! I now receive weekly emails with offers all very tempting.  It wasn’t long before I succumbed to the Pulmonaria Sissinghurst offer – 4 plants in 2 litre pots for £15.52, an excellent deal I thought!! I have plans for a shady/woodland border and I think the white flowers of the Pulmonaria will really work well there.  So I purchased them along with the catalogue.  You have to buy the catalogue but I have been told by a number of garden designers that it is wonderful and they treat it like a bible.

I received an email yesterday telling me my parcel would arrive this afternoon and it did as you can see in the top photo.  These are the best wrapped plants I have received to date. Under the poly chips were the four pots of plants and my catalogue.  However, there is a note in the box which tells me that they aren’t poly chips but made out of potato/corn starch and so can go in the compost bin or be dissolved in water – I’m very impressed. The plants appear to have healthy root systems as roots are beginning to appear out of the bottom of the pots and there is fresh young foliage as you can just make out.   The plants will go in my bay for new plants waiting for the new border to be prepared.  In the meantime I shall be perusing the catalogue which is a beautifully produced book.  The photos are fantastic and there are so many varieties I fear that bankruptcy may be imminent.  There are 5 pages of Hemerocallis each with 9  photos – I have never been a fan of this plant but some of the flowers shown are completely stunning so I may succumb.  As for the Bearded  Iris – 10 pages of sumptuous photos there is no hope of me resisting.

So I’m off to read my catalogue as Stephen Anderton in The Times says “This is that rare thing, a readable catalogue”